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Our work

We investigate to share resilient and regenerative models for different purposes: Reforestation, fruit production, medicinal plants production or vegetable production.

We believe that we need to bring forests back in order to produce high quality food in a sustainable way. So we give priority and focus on Reforestation.

As an example

Many people are struggling to establish new trees (and maintain older plantations) with these extreme weather conditions, lack of water and degraded soils.

One of the examples where we most researched is a very typical Portuguese landscape. A very degraded area with Eucalyptus and Acacias.

And so the food production?

We also have examples for fruit production and vegetable production but our focus is not the market for now.

We believe that many people on small scale local production could be a better way (better quality and more sustainable) than few people on big intensive productions.

Our job for now is to make people's life easier going into regenerative production (we believe they are) through our developed models. So we can soon be making a local revolution together.

Ruben Costa

Many people have been collaborating on this project. But for now the main involved person is just Ruben.

Ruben finished a degree in Computer Engineering back in 2011 and started to relate with sustainability issues in 2013 after a Permaculture Design Course in India.

Following a course with Ernst Götsch in 2018 he started Planta Floresta and immersed on his learning laboratory.

He is also co-founder of TUFO since 2022. An outside playground for small children and a learning community.

Ruben Costa


Learn and share

We believe on Ernst Götsch. This is about deep knowledge (mimicking forests processes), not about inputs and recipes.

So we also focus on our educational and inspiring center to make it easier to understand and apply the principles of Syntropic Agriculture.

We provide Courses, Open-days, and other events.

Changing cultures

Long terms habits that are fast degrading our planet must go in order to keep our species.

Showing examples is important but we also want to prove it on paper. So, investigation is necessary.

We are always looking for partners related to statistics (like Universities) to evolve this work.


Do you believe that the education system has a lot of room to improve? We do, and for us this knowledge is one of the foundations for an holistic development of every being.

We share our land and partner with TUFO. One of the goals is having Agroforest has one of the classrooms for these young ones.

But we don't stop here! We want to collaborate with many more schools. And also helping on the regeneration of their outside environment.